Esteemed drummer Calvin Napper is all set for an exceptional tour with TMF (The Music Forever), a reincarnation of the legendary band previously known as Maze featuring Frankie Beverly. This marks another momentous chapter in Napper’s ongoing journey with the band, reinforcing his steadfast commitment to sustaining the timeless grooves that have defined his musical career.

It’s essential to highlight that TMF isn’t merely a tribute band – they are the band. Comprising most of the original members who toured and recorded with Frankie Beverly for more than two decades, TMF sustains the soulful sound that has etched Maze into the hearts of fans globally.

As a long-standing member of this revered group, Calvin Napper has consistently wowed audiences with his masterful rhythms and captivating musicality. His continued contribution to TMF is a testament to his remarkable talent and the integral role he plays in the band’s enduring legacy.

The upcoming tour promises not only a display of TMF’s extraordinary musicianship, but also a reaffirmation of their enduring impact in the music industry. Introducing TMF “The Music Forever” to fans, young and old, the band sends a powerful message: the spirit of Maze persists, as vibrant and soul-stirring as ever.

Keep an eye out for tour dates, ticket information, and further updates about Calvin Napper’s continued musical journey with TMF. The legacy lives on, and the future of soul music is here with TMF. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable musical experience!

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