Acclaimed drummer and musician Calvin Napper is adding another impressive feather to his cap with the release of his latest single ‘That Funky Feelin”. This exciting new track is a tantalizing preview of what’s to come from his highly anticipated, yet-to-be-titled upcoming album.

Known for his superb rhythmic skills and soulful delivery, Napper has outdone himself with ‘That Funky Feelin”, a song that embodies the timeless funk and soul that have defined his illustrious career. From its catchy beat to its irresistible groove, the single encapsulates the essence of what makes Napper a standout musician in the industry.

The release of ‘That Funky Feelin” signals a thrilling new chapter for Napper as he continues to bring his unique style to the forefront of contemporary music. As a long-standing member of the legendary band formerly known as Maze, and now touring with TMF (The Music Forever), Napper’s latest single showcases the breadth of his talent as both a band member and a solo artist.

Listeners can now purchase ‘That Funky Feelin” on all major streaming platforms. Immerse yourself in the rhythmic, soulful beats that underscore Napper’s exceptional talent and get a sneak peek of his forthcoming album.

Stay tuned for more news about Calvin Napper’s upcoming album and his journey with TMF. And remember – ‘That Funky Feelin” is just a click away. Get ready to groove to the beat and embrace the future of soul and funk music!

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